T A R O T - C A R D S

All tarot cards are designed and painted by Sylvia Hart. With this tarot deck even a beginner can quickly get started . The explanation you find directly on each card. They are also helpful for advanced tarot readers. Some of the cards contain traditional elements, and the colors chosen have a positive and stimulating effect on the subconscious.

All 78 cards are painted by Sylvia with oil and acryl colours on canvas ©Berlin 2015 by Sylvia Hart. Below the picture you find the text devided in:    

  • General meaning
  • Love and relation-ship
  • Professional tendencies
  • Negative infuences

On the edges of each card there are references to current trends and affirmations. 

Card size: 2,75" x 4.75" (70 mm x 120 mm), Stack height: 27mm, Printed on high quality, very flexible and durable art print cardboard (weight: 350 gr / sqm) high quality card with gloss varnish

Thanks are due to the spiritual world for their invisible help with completing this work. Also to my husband Herbie H. Hart who recently passed, for his inspiration and support, patience and knowledge. As well as to everyone who accompany me on this path.

With this tarot deck I want to facilitate access to the tarot. This tarot is great for beginners and advanced readers and guides you through inner wisdom. These cards contain traditional elements and the chosen color design has a positive and stimulating effect on the subconscious.

It was a long process from the idea to create it until the moment of finally publishing  my tarot cards in Germany.  This tarot is a complete 78-card-full color deck inspired by the classic tarot decks and my personal experience.  My tarot deck is very appreciated in German speaking countries. Since I am here in the US it is a new start. Every little thing on the cards is meaningful and it is there for a reason. Thanks for everybody who supports the process to make the unique tarot cards available in English.