About me

My Story

As a young girl I already felt the connection with the invisible world.

I grew up in West-Berlin Germany in the 60’s. 

I always had a strong desire to discover the unknown – far away from the normal way of life. I went to India in the year 1979 to meet OSHO, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I took the initiation, called Sannyas. At that time I did not expect what would be the outcome of all this.

An actress taught me how to read the future with the cards in India. After some travelling and other wild spiritual experiences, my father gave me an interesting present. The Crowley Tarot Cards. But his saying was: If you use these cards, please study them first!!!!

Because at that time I met interesting souls. Tarot, astrology & other intuitive arts were always my driving fascination—and now my life’s work.

Through my husband I felt motiviated to study the secrets of Tarot. Because of my artistic side I started to paint all cards, I titled them and I also created an app. Since 2017 I am performing my readings on TV shows. I am givingreadings daily. In 2020 finished my study of astrology. I’m of course still fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, and I’m devoted to helping people make better decisions — and leading happier lives.

Life is change — with the cards it is possible to see the hidden, to understand the secrets of the soul and beyond. 

My qualifications:

Initiated personally by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, today: Osho, in Poona, India 1979
Reading cards with poker cards
Various meditation techniques, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Centering
Initiation, the Order of the Rose Crucians A.M.O.R.C.
Usui Reiki I + II

Training in ThetaHealing Basic DNA
Trained Hypnotist (TM)
Quality programs Questico 1-4 in Germany

Published my own Tarot Deck, Tarot by Sylvia Hart 2015
Published my App, Tarot Smart App for IOS + Android 2017
Study of Astrology by Andrea Buchholz in 2019