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Get your professional reading. Whether you wish for an intimate one-on-one tarot reading or you desire a tarot card reading on the phone, via Skype or What's App. Psychic Readings by Sylvia is here for you. Sylvia uses her talents of the supernatural to tap into the wealth of knowledge that tarot cards hold for all us. You, or perhaps you and your friends, will be amazed by Sylvia’s tarot readings.

  • Love
  • Relationship
  • Profession
  • Career
  • Family and Kids
  • Life tasks
  • Wishes/Self-Fulfillment
  • Psychic/Meditation

Sylvia is also available for parties, weddings, graduations, and other special events. Send your Email today to schedule an appointment, or request a psychic reading.

Actually you can reach Sylvia here with Questico. Please write your request through mail:

Tarot Workshop


Tarot Workshop

If you want to learn Tarot

Join my Workshops in Berlin.

You will learn the Tarot Basics. Included is the personal Tarot Deck from Tarot by Sylvia Hart.


LICHTOASE - Nadja Berger
Fontaneallee 15
15732 Eichwalde / Berlin

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Astro TV Shows & INSTAGRAM

Sylvia Hart im Astro TV




Thuesday, Jan. 21st.  23 - 24h
Friday, Jan. 24th.  9-10h

Thursday, Jan. 30th. 11-12h + 13-14h
Wednesday, Feb. 19th 7-8h + 10-11h
Sunday, Feb. 23rd 8-9h + 10-11h


AstroTV Live Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEdrXJ98BsY



Tarot Cards

Order your Tarotcards

Tarot is an ancient art of divination. It reveals the conscious and unconscious tendencies and trends. It will help you to find peace of mind, inner balance, harmony, and it will uncover the hidden truth. The beautiful artwork will also inspire you.

All pictures and text are the exclusive painted or written by Sylvia Hart. The cards are providing a positive effect on your soul. The combination of the chosen coulors may help you to understand your insights.

The tarot consists of 78 cards and are for the purpose of spiritual development and divination. There are 22 key or trump cards and 56 smaller or minor cards including the royal or court cards, consisting of Kings, Queens, Prince and Princess with their elements of wands, cups, swords and disks. Astrology is also a big factor. The key cards are numbered from 0 to 21, the small cards from 1 to 10 and the royal or court cards have no numbers.